You must download the backup and restore helper script from the NSX Manager.


  • Verify that the machine used to run the helper script meets the system requirements. The helper script requires python 2 and TLS 1.2, and has been verified on Ubuntu 14.04.


Download the backup and restore helper script. You can do this from the command line or the API.
  • From the command line:

    Run the copy file command to copy the script to the remote server. The url argument specifies the destination for the script, using standard URL syntax, e.g. scp://user@server/home/path/to/destination.

    nsx-manager-1> copy file url scp://backups@

  • From the API:

    Send this API request, and save the output to a file called

    GET https://nsx-manager-1/api/v1/node/file-store/

What to do next

Revert fabric changes since the last cluster backup.