When you have VMs that are connected to the NSX-T overlay, you might want them to have Layer 2 connectivity with other devices or VMs that are outside of your NSX-T deployment. In this case, you can use a bridge-backed logical switch.

For an example topology, see Bridge Topology.


  • At least one ESXi host to serve as a bridge node. A bridge node is an ESXi transport node that only does bridging. This transport node must be added to a bridge cluster. See Create a Bridge Cluster.

  • At least one ESXi or KVM host to serve as a regular transport node. This node has hosted VMs that require connectivity with devices outside of a NSX-T deployment.

  • A VM or another end device outside of the NSX-T deployment. This end device must be attached to a VLAN port matching the VLAN ID of the bridge-backed logical switch.

  • One logical switch in an overlay transport zone to serve as the bridge-backed logical switch.


  1. From a browser, log in to an NSX Manager at https://<nsx-mgr>.
  2. Select Switching > Switches.
  3. From the list of switches, select an overlay switch (traffic type: overlay).
  4. On the switch configuration page, select Related > Bridge Clusters.
  5. Click ATTACH, select a bridge cluster, and enter a VLAN ID.

    For example:

  6. Connect VMs to the logical switch if they are not already connected.

    The VMs must be on transport nodes in the same transport zone as the bridge cluster.


You can test the functionality of the bridge by sending a ping from the NSX-T-internal VM to a node that is external to NSX-T. For example, in Bridge Topology, app VM on the NSX-T transport node should be able to ping DB VM on the external node, and the reverse.

You can monitor traffic on the bridge switch by navigating to Switching > Switches > Monitor.

You can view the bridge traffic with the GET<endpoint-id>/statistics API call:

  "tx_packets": {
    "total": 134416,
    "dropped": 0,
    "multicast_broadcast": 0
  "rx_bytes": {
    "total": 22164,
    "multicast_broadcast": 0
  "tx_bytes": {
    "total": 8610134,
    "multicast_broadcast": 0
  "rx_packets": {
    "total": 230,
    "dropped": 0,
    "multicast_broadcast": 0
  "last_update_timestamp": 1454979822860,
  "endpoint_id": "ba5ba59d-22f1-4a02-b6a0-18ef0e37ef31"