NSX-T has specific requirements regarding hardware resources and software versions.

Hypervisor Requirements

Hypervisor Version CPU Cores Memory
vSphere 6.5 GA and 6.5 U1 4 16 GB
RHEL KVM 7.3 4 16 GB
Ubuntu KVM 16.04.x 4 16 GB

For ESXi, NSX-T does not support the Host Profiles and Auto Deploy features.

Caution: On RHEL, the yum update command might update the kernel version and break the compatibility with NSX-T. Be sure to disable the automatic kernel update when you run yum update. Also, after running yum install, verify that NSX-T supports the kernel version.

NSX Manager Resource Requirements

Appliance Memory vCPU
NSX Manager Small VM 8 GB 2
NSX Manager Medium VM 16 GB 4
NSX Manager Large VM 32 GB 8

NSX Controller Resource Requirements

Appliance Memory vCPU Disk Space
NSX Controller 16 GB 4 120 GB

NSX Edge Resource Requirements

Deployment Size Memory vCPU Disk Space VM Hardware Version
Small 4 GB 2 120 GB 10 or later (vSphere 5.5 or later)
Medium 8 GB 4 120 GB 10 or later (vSphere 5.5 or later)
Large 16 GB 8 120 GB 10 or later (vSphere 5.5 or later)
Note: For NSX Manager and NSX Edge, the small appliance is for proof-of-concept deployments. The medium appliance is suitable for a typical production environment and can support up to 64 hypervisors. The large appliance is for large-scale deployments with more than 64 hypervisors.
Table 1. NSX Edge and Bare-Metal NSX Edge Physical Hardware Requirements
Hardware Type
  • Xeon 56xx (Westmere-EP) and later
  • Xeon E7-xxxx (Westmere-EX) and later
  • Xeon E5-xxxx (Sandy Bridge) and later
  • Intel 82599
  • Intel X540

Bare-Metal NSX Edge System Requirements

Supported Network Adapter Product Codes

  • X520QDA1
  • E10G42BT (X520-T2)
  • E10G42BTDA (X520-DA2)
  • X520DA1OCP
  • X520DA2OCP
  • E10G41BFSR (X520-SR1)
  • E10G42BFSR (X520-SR2)
  • E10G41BFLR (X520-LR1)
  • E10G41BFLRBL
NIC PCI Device ID Description
0x10F7 IXGBE_DEV_ID_82599_KX4
0x1514 IXGBE_DEV_ID_82599_KX4_MEZZ
0x1517 IXGBE_DEV_ID_82599_KR
0x10F9 IXGBE_DEV_ID_82599_CX4
0x17D0 IXGBE_SUBDEV_ID_82599_560FLR
0x1529 IXGBE_DEV_ID_82599_SFP_FCOE
0x1507 IXGBE_DEV_ID_82599_SFP_EM
0x154D IXGBE_DEV_ID_82599_SFP_SF2
0x1558 IXGBE_DEV_ID_82599_QSFP_SF_QP
0x1557 IXGBE_DEV_ID_82599EN_SFP
0x151C IXGBE_DEV_ID_82599_T3_LOM
0x1528 IXGBE_DEV_ID_X540T
0x1560 IXGBE_DEV_ID_X540T1
Note: VMXNET 3 vNIC is only supported for VM NSX Edge.

NSX Manager Browser Support

Browser Windows 10 Windows 8.1 Ubuntu 14.04 Mac OSX 10.11. 10.12
Internet Explorer 11 Yes Yes
Firefox 55 Yes Yes
Chrome 60 Yes Yes Yes
Safari 10 Yes
Microsoft Edge 40 Yes
Note: Internet Explorer 11 in compatibility mode is not supported.

Supported Browser minimum resolution is 1280 x 800 px.

Distributed Network Encryption (DNE) Resource Requirements

Appliance Memory vCPU Disk Space
DNE Key Manager 8 GB 2 20 GB

Additional requirements include:

  • DNE is supported only on vSphere 6.5.
  • DNE Key Manager is supported on vSphere with HA.
  • For KVM, the integrity only option is supported only on >4.2 kernels.
  • Deploy the NSX Edge node on a separate L3 subnet.
  • If an encryption rule is applied on a hypervisor, the virtual tunnel endpoint (VTEP) interface minimum MTU size must be 1700. MTU size 2000 or later is preferred.