After installing the first NSX Controller in your NSX-T deployment, you can initialize the control cluster. Initializing the control cluster is required even if you are setting up a small proof-of-concept environment with only one controller node. If you do not initialize the control cluster, the controller is not able to communicate with the hypervisor hosts.


  • Install at least one NSX Controller.

  • Join the NSX Controller with the management plane.

  • Choose a shared secret password. A shared secret password is a user-defined shared secret password (for example, "secret123").


  1. Open an SSH session for your NSX Controller.
  2. Run the set control-cluster security-model shared-secret command and enter a shared secret when prompted.
  3. Run the initialize control-cluster command.

    This command makes this controller the control cluster master.

    For example:

    NSX-Controller1> initialize control-cluster 
    Control cluster initialization successful.
  4. Run the get control-cluster status verbose command.

    Verify that is master and in majority are true, the status is active, and the Zookeeper Server IP is reachable, ok.

    nsx-controller1> get control-cluster status verbose
    NSX Controller Status:
    uuid: 78d5b561-4f66-488d-9e53-089735eac1c1
    is master: true
    in majority: true
    uuid                                 address              status
    78d5b561-4f66-488d-9e53-089735eac1c1       active
    Cluster Management Server Status:
    uuid                                 rpc address          rpc port             global id            vpn address          status
    557a911f-41fd-4977-9c58-f3ef55b3efe7       7777                 1                       connected
    Zookeeper Ensemble Status:
    Zookeeper Server IP:, reachable, ok
    Zookeeper version: 3.5.1-alpha--1, built on 03/08/2016 01:18 GMT
    Latency min/avg/max: 0/0/1841
    Received: 212095
    Sent: 212125
    Connections: 5
    Outstanding: 0
    Zxid: 0x10000017a
    Mode: leader
    Node count: 33
    Connections: /[1](queued=0,recved=60324,sent=60324,sid=0x100000f14a10003,lop=PING,est=1459376913497,to=30000,lcxid=0x8,lzxid=0x10000017a,lresp=604617273,llat=0,minlat=0,avglat=0,maxlat=1088)

What to do next

Add additional NSX Controllers to the control cluster. See Join Additional NSX Controllers with the Cluster Master.