You can only start, pause, and resume the NSX Controller nodes in the cluster.


Verify that the NSX Edge clusters are upgraded successfully. See Upgrade NSX Edge Clusters.


  1. Click Start to upgrade the NSX Controller cluster.

    The NSX Controller nodes are upgraded in parallel by default.

  2. Monitor the upgrade process.

    You can view the overall upgrade status and specific progress of each Controller node in real time.

    When the upgrade finishes, the status of each Controller node appears as successful or failed. NSX Controller cluster upgrade status.

  3. In CLI, log in to each NSX Controller node and verify that the product version is updated.

    get versions

What to do next

You can proceed with the upgrade if the process was successful. See Upgrade Management Plane.

If there are upgrade errors, you must resolve the errors. See Troubleshoot a Failed Upgrade.