Before you start using the custom port mirroring switching profile, verify that the customization works properly.



  1. Locate two VMs with VIF attachments to the logical port configured for port mirroring.

    For example, VM1 and VM2 have VIF attachments and they are located in the same logical network.

  2. Run the tcpdump command on a destination IP address.

    sudo tcpdump -n -i eth0 dst host destination_IP_addres and proto gre

    For example, the destination IP address is

  3. Log in to the first VM and ping the second VM to verify that the corresponding ECHO requests and replies are received at the destination address.

    For example, the first VM pings the second VM to verify port mirroring.

    tcpdump output that shows port mirroring verifaction.

What to do next

Attach this port mirroring customized switching profile to a logical switch so that the modified parameters in the switching profile are applied to the network traffic. See Associate a Custom Profile with a Logical Switch.