The steps in this section are for troubleshooting connectivity issues between VMs on different hypervisors through the configured VLAN on the underlay when the config and runtime states are normal.

If the VMs are on the same hypervisor and all the configuration and runtime states are normal, go to Troubleshoot ARP Issues for an Overlay Logical Switch.


Check that the underlay is configured for the VLAN for the logical switch in trunk mode.

On ESXi, verify VLAN is configured on the logical port by running net-dvs and looking for the logical port. For example:

port 63eadf53-ff92-4a0e-9496-4200e99709ff:
  com.vmware.common.port.volatile.vlan = VLAN 1000 propType = RUNTIME VOLATILE

On KVM, the VLAN logical switch is configured as an openflow rule on integration bridge. In other words, for traffic received from the VIF, tag it with VLAN X and forward it on the patch port to the PIF bridge. Run ovs-vsctl list interface and verify the presence of the patch port between the NSX-managed bridge and the NSX-switch bridge.