In the current release, CSM can only be upgraded using NSX CLI.

Copy the Unified Appliance Upgrade Bundle into CSM

You need the file VMware-NSX-unified-appliance-<version>.nub in the location /var/vmware/nsx/file-store/ on the CSM appliance to upgrade CSM.

You can get the file in this location in either of the following ways, depending on your privileges:

  • Without root privileges for the CSM appliance:

    • Download the file VMware-NSX-unified-appliance-<version>.nub from the VMware download portal. This file is typically located under nsx-unified-appliance > upgrade.

    • Use the following NSX CLI commands to copy this file:

      Autoimport-nsx-cloud-service-manager-thin> copy url scp://<username>@<host_where_the_.nub_file_is_downloaded>/<path_to_file>/VMware-NSX-unified-appliance-<version>.nub

  • Alternatively, with root privileges, you can copy this file from CSM as follows:

    root@Autoimport-nsx-cloud-service-manager-thin:~# cp /repository/<version>/CloudServiceManager/nub/VMware-NSX-unified-appliance-<version>.nub /var/vmware/nsx/file-store/

Follow this procedure to upgrade CSM

  1. Extract and verify the .nub file:

    Autoimport-nsx-cloud-service-manager-thin> verify upgrade-bundle VMware-NSX-unified-appliance-<version>
    Checking upgrade bundle /var/vmware/nsx/file-store/VMware-NSX-unified-appliance-<version>.nub contents
    Verifying bundle VMware-NSX-unified-appliance-<version>.bundle with signature VMware-NSX-unified-appliance-<version>.bundle.sig
    Moving bundle to /image/VMware-NSX-unified-appliance-<version>.bundle
    Extracting bundle payload
    Successfully verified upgrade bundle
    Bundle manifest:
        appliance_type: 'nsx-unified-appliance'
        version: '<upgrade version>'
        os_image_path: 'files/nsx-root.fsa'
        os_image_md5_path: 'files/nsx-root.fsa.md5'
    Current upgrade info:
      "info": "",
      "body": {
        "meta": {
          "from_version": "<current version>",
          "old_config_dev": "/dev/mapper/nsx-config",
          "to_version": "<post-upgrade version>",
          "new_config_dev": "/dev/mapper/nsx-config__bak",
          "old_os_dev": "/dev/xvda2",
          "bundle_path": "/image/VMware-NSX-unified-appliance-<version>",
          "new_os_dev": "/dev/xvda3"
        "history": []
      "state": 1,
      "state_text": "CMD_SUCCESS"

  2. Start the upgrade:

    Autoimport-nsx-cloud-service-manager-thin> start upgrade-bundle VMware-NSX-unified-appliance-<version> playbook VMware-NSX-cloud-service-manager-<version>-playbook
    Validating playbook /var/vmware/nsx/file-store/VMware-NSX-cloud-service-manager-<version>-playbook.yml
    Running "shutdown_csm_svc" (step 1 of 6)
    Running "install_os" (step 2 of 6)
    Running "migrate_csm_config" (step 3 of 6)
    System will now reboot (step 4 of 6)
    After the system reboots, use "resume" to start the next step, "start_csm_svc".
      "info": "",
      "body": null,
      "state": 1,
      "state_text": "CMD_SUCCESS"
    Broadcast message from root@Autoimport-nsx-cloud-service-manager-thin (Fri 2017-08-25 21:11:36 UTC):
    The system is going down for reboot at Fri 2017-08-25 21:12:36 UTC!
  3. Wait for the upgrade to complete. CSM reboots during upgrade, and the upgrade is finalized when the CSM UI restarts after rebooting.

  4. Verify the version of CSM to confirm that it has upgraded:

    Autoimport-nsx-cloud-service-manager-thin> get version
    VMware NSX Software, Version <upgraded version>

What to do next

Follow the steps here for Upgrading NSX-T.