If replacing one controller has not resolved NSX Controller cluster issues, or if multiple NSX Controller appliances are unrecoverable, you can redeploy the whole cluster. The NSX Manager contains all desired configuration state, and can be used to re-create your NSX Controller cluster.

Data path connections will not be disrupted during the restore of the NSX Controller cluster.


  • Verify through troubleshooting that the appliances are not recoverable. For example, these steps may recover the appliances without having to replace them.
    • Verify that the appliances have network connectivity, and resolve if not.
    • Reboot the appliances.
  • Verify that you know the version of the NSX Controller that you are replacing and have an appropriate installation file (OVA, OVF, or QCOW2) of the same version available.
  • Verify that you know the IP addresses that were assigned to the NSX Controller appliances.


  1. Shut down all controllers in the NSX Controller cluster.
  2. Detach the controllers from the NSX Manager.
    1. Log in to the NSX Manager CLI.
    2. Get a list of controllers with the get management-cluster status command.
      nsx-manager-1> get management-cluster status
      Number of nodes in management cluster: 1
      -  (UUID 422EC8D8-B43F-D206-5048-781A5AECDCC6) Online
      Management cluster status: STABLE
      Number of nodes in control cluster: 3
      -   (UUID c28d0ac7-3107-4548-817a-50d76db007ab)
      -   (UUID 4a0916c7-2f4d-48c2-81b6-29b7b3758ef4)
      -   (UUID 1a409f24-9b9a-431e-a03a-1929db74bf00)
      Control cluster status: UNSTABLE
    3. Detach the controllers with the detach controller command.
      nsx-manager-1> detach controller 1a409f24-9b9a-431e-a03a-1929db74bf00
      The detach operation completed successfully
      nsx-manager-1> detach controller 4a0916c7-2f4d-48c2-81b6-29b7b3758ef4
      The detach operation completed successfully
      nsx-manager-1> detach controller c28d0ac7-3107-4548-817a-50d76db007ab
      The detach operation completed successfully
  3. Install three NSX Controller appliances and create a new NSX Controller cluster.
    See the NSX-T Data Center Installation Guide for information and instructions about these steps.
    1. Install three NSX Controller appliances.
      • The version of the new NSX Controller appliances must be the same as the NSX Controller appliances they are replacing.
      • Assign the new controllers the same IP addresses that were used on the old controllers.
    2. Join the NSX Controller appliances with the management plane.
    3. On one of the NSX Controller appliances, initialize the control cluster.
    4. Join the other two controllers with the control cluster.