You can see the status of the NSX Manager through the NSX Manager UI or use a CLI command to get the status.


  1. From a browser, log in to NSX Manager at http://<nsx-manager-ip-address>.
  2. Select System > Components on the navigation panel.
    The status of NSX Manager is displayed.
  3. Alternatively, log in to the CLI of the NSX Manager.
  4. Run the get management-cluster status command. For example,
    nsx-manager-1> get management-cluster status
    Number of nodes in management cluster: 1
    -   (UUID 42191561-79dc-710a-74f1-d15f10cd2c40) Online
    Management cluster status: STABLE
    Number of nodes in control cluster: 3
    -    (UUID ab35851f-e616-4760-8d7a-c4386c537382)
    -   (UUID d159b758-c320-411f-aa67-1e2fd35f5ef2)
    -   (UUID 12a3b19d-26a0-492e-836e-e9a3cc25e799)
    Control cluster status: DEGRADED
    Note: Even though the result says management cluster, there can be only one instance of NSX Manager.