Before restoring an NSX Manager backup, you must install a new NSX Manager appliance. The new NSX Manager must be deployed with the same management IP address as the previous NSX Manager.

Note: Restoring a backup on the same NSX Manager appliance where the backup was taken is not supported.


  • Verify that you know the version of the NSX Manager used to create the backups, and have an appropriate installation file (OVA, OVF, or QCOW2) of the same version available.
  • Verify that you know the IP address that was assigned to the NSX Manager used to create the node backup.
  • Verify that no one will attempt to make configuration changes to the NSX Manager until the restore process is completed.


  1. If the old NSX Manager appliance is still running (for example, if you are restoring to roll back an upgrade attempt), shut it down.
  2. Install a new NSX Manager appliance.
    • The version of the new NSX Manager appliance must be the same as the version of the appliance used to create the backups.
    • You must configure this appliance with the IP address that corresponds to the manager backup.
    See the NSX-T Data Center Installation Guide for information and instructions about these steps.

What to do next

Restore the backup.