You can back up the NSX Policy Manager to safeguard the data that the Policy Manager stores. Before you can do a backup, you must configure the backup properties.


Verify that you have the SSH fingerprint of the backup file server. Only an SHA256 hashed ECDSA key is accepted as a fingerprint. See Find the SSH Fingerprint of a Remote Server.


  1. From your browser, log in to the NSX Policy Manager at https://nsx-policy-manager-IP-address.
  2. Select System > Utilities from the navigation panel.
  3. Click Configure.
  4. Click the Automatic Backup toggle to enable or disable automatic backups.
  5. Enter the IP address or host name of the backup file server.
  6. Edit the default port if required.
  7. Enter the username and password required to log in to the backup file server.
  8. In the Destination Directory field, enter the absolute directory path where the backups will be stored.
    The directory must already exist.
  9. Enter the passphrase used to encrypt the backup data.
    You will need this passphrase to restore a backup. If you forget the backup passphrase, you cannot restore any backups.
  10. Enter the SSH fingerprint of the server that stores the backups. See Find the SSH Fingerprint of a Remote Server.
  11. Click the Schedule tab.
  12. Select the frequency.
    If you select Weekly, specify the day of the week and time. If you select Interval, specify the interval.
  13. Click Save.