You must connect the CSM appliance with NSX Manager to allow these components to communicate with each other.


  • NSX Manager must be installed and you must have admin privileges to log in to NSX Manager

  • CSM must be installed and you must have the Enterprise Administrator role assigned in CSM.


  1. Open an SSH session to NSX Manager.
  2. On NSX Manager, run the get certificate api thumbprint command.
    NSX-Manager> get certificate api thumbprint

    The command's output is a string of numbers unique to this NSX Manager.

  3. Log in to CSM with the Enterprise Administrator role.
  4. Click System > Settings. Then click Configure on the panel titled Associated NSX Node.

    You can also provide these details when using the CSM Setup Wizard that is available when you first install CSM.

  5. Enter details of the NSX Manager.



    NSX Manager Host Name

    Enter the fully qualified domain name (FQDN) of the NSX Manager, if available. You may also enter the IP address of NSX Manager.

    Admin Credentials

    Enter a username and password with the Enterprise Administrator role.

    Manager Thumbprint

    Enter the NSX Manager's thumbrpint value you obtained in step 2.

  6. Click Connect.

    CSM verifies the NSX Manager thumbprint and establishes connection.