If you want to route and monitor all internet-bound HTTP/HTTPS traffic through a reliable HTTP Proxy, you can configure up to five proxy servers in CSM.

All public cloud communication from PCG and CSM is routed through the selected proxy server.

Proxy settings for PCG are independent of proxy settings for CSM. You can choose to have none or a different proxy server for PCG.

You can choose the following levels of authentication:

  • Credentials-based authentication.

  • Certificate-based authentication for HTTPS interception.

  • No authentication.


  1. Click System > Settings. Then click Configure on the panel titled Proxy Servers.

    You can also provide these details when using the CSM Setup Wizard that is available when you first install CSM.

  2. In the Configure Proxy Servers screen, enter the following details:




    Use this radio button to indicate the default proxy server.

    Profile Name

    Provide a proxy server profile name. This is mandatory.

    Proxy Server

    Enter the proxy server’s IP address. This is mandatory.


    Enter the proxy server’s port. This is mandatory.


    Optional. If you want to set up additional authentication, select this check box and provide valid username and password.


    This is required if you select the Authentication checkbox.


    This is required if you select the Authentication checkbox.


    Optional. If you want to provide an authentication certificate for HTTPS interception, select this checkbox and copy-paste the certificate in the text box that appears.

    No Proxy

    Select this option if you do not want to use any of the proxy servers configured.