NSX Manager is a virtual appliance that provides the graphical user interface (GUI) and the REST APIs for creating, configuring, and monitoring NSX-T Data Center components, such as logical switches, and NSX Edge services gateways.

NSX Manager is the management plane for the NSX-T Data Center eco-system. NSX Manager provides an aggregated system view and is the centralized network management component of NSX-T Data Center. It provides configuration and orchestration of:

  • Logical networking components – logical switching and routing

  • Networking and Edge services

  • Security services and distributed firewall

NSX Manager provides a method for monitoring and troubleshooting workloads attached to virtual networks created by NSX-T Data Center. It allows seamless orchestration of both built-in and external services. All security services, whether built-in or 3rd party, are deployed and configured by the NSX-T Data Center management plane. The management plane provides a single window for viewing services availability. It also facilitates policy based service chaining, context sharing, and inter-service events handling. This simplifies the auditing of the security posture, streamlining application of identity-based controls (for example, AD and mobility profiles).

NSX Manager also provides REST API entry-points to automate consumption. This flexible architecture allows for automation of all configuration and monitoring aspects via any cloud management platform, security vendor platform, or automation framework.

The NSX-T Data Center Management Plane Agent (MPA) is an NSX Manager component that lives on each and every node (hypervisor). The MPA is in charge of persisting the desired state of the system and for communicating non-flow-controlling (NFC) messages such as configuration, statistics, status and real time data between transport nodes and the management plane.