When using NSX-T Data Center APIs, ensure that you first migrate all kernel interfaces before you migrate the management interface.

Consider the host with two uplinks connected to respective physical NICs. In this procedure, you can begin with migration of the storage kernel interface, vmk1, to N-VDS. After this kernel interface is successfully migrated to N-VDS, you can migrate the management kernel interface.

See NSX-T Data Center API Guide.


  • Verify that the physical network infrastructure provides the same LAN connectivity to vmnic1 and vmnic0.

  • Verify that the unused physical NIC, vmnic1, has Layer 2 connectivity with vmnic0.

  • Ensure that all VMkernel interfaces involved in this migration belong to the same network. If you migrate VMkernel interfaces to an uplink connected to a different network, the host might become unreachable or non-functional.


  1. Create a VLAN transport zone with the host_switch_name of the N-VDS used by the OVERLAY transport zone.
  2. Create a VLAN-backed logical switch in the VLAN transport zone with a VLAN ID that matches the VLAN ID used by vmk1 on the VSS or VDS.
  3. Add the vSphere ESXi transport node to the VLAN transport zone.
  4. Retrieve the vSphere ESXi transport node configuration.

    GET /api/v1/transport-nodes/<transportnode-id>

    Where <transportnode-id> is the UUID of the transport node.

  5. Migrate vmk1 to N-VDS.

    PUT https://<NSXmgr>/api/v1/transport-nodes/<transportnode-id> ?if_id=<vmk>&esx_mgmt_if_migration_dest=<network>

    Where the <transportnode-id> is the UUID of the transport node. The <vmk> is the name of the VMkernel interface, vmk1. The <network> is the UUID of the target logical switch.

  6. Verify that the migration has finished successfully.

    GET /api/v1/transport-nodes/<transportnode-id>/state

    Wait until the migration state appears as SUCCESS. You can also verify the migration status of the VMkernel interface in vCenter Server.


The VMkernel interface is migrated from a VSS or VDS to N-VDS switch.

What to do next

You can migrate the remaining VMkernel interfaces and the management kernel interface of the VSS or VDS to the N-VDS.