To revert migration of VMkernel interfaces to a VSS or VDS switch, ensure that a port group exists on the ESXi host.

NSX-T Data Center needs a port group to migrate VMkernel interfaces from the N-VDS switch to the VSS or VDS switch. The port group accepts the network request to migrate these interfaces to the VSS or VDS switch. The port member that participates in this migration is decided based on its bandwidth and policy configuration.

Before you begin VMkernel migration back to the VSS or VDS switch, ensure that the VMkernel interfaces are functional and connectivity is up on the N-VDS switch.


  • Port group exists on the vSphere ESXi server.


  1. In the NSX Manager UI, go to Fabric -> Nodes -> Transport Nodes.
  2. Select the Transport node, click Actions -> Migrate ESX VMkernel and Physical Adapters.
  3. Select Migrate to Port Groups.
  4. Select the N-VDS switch.
  5. Add the VMkernel adapters and associated logical switches.
  6. Add the physical adapter corresponding to the VMkernel interface. Ensure that at least one physical adapter stays connected to the VSS or VDS switch.
  7. Click Save.
  8. Click Continue to begin migration.
  9. Test connectivity to vmnic0 and vmk0 from the NSX Manager.
  10. Alternatively, in the vCenter Server, verify the VMkernel adapter is associated with the VSS or VDS switch.


VMkernel interfaces and their corresponding physical adapters are migrated to N-VDS.

What to do next

You might want to migrate VMkernel interfaces using APIs. See Migrate Kernel Interfaces to an N-VDS Using APIs.