Delete all the logical entities you created in NSX Manager.

Refer to the list below to find your entities to delete:


Do not delete the logical entities created automatically when PCG is deployed. See Constructs Created after Deploying PCG

  • Public cloud DNS entry

  • DDI: DHCP profile

  • Routing: SNAT rule

  • Routing: static Router

  • Routing: Logical Router Port

  • Routing: Logical Router

  • Fabric-Nodes: Edge Cluster

  • Fabric-Nodes: Transport Nodes

  • Fabric-Nodes: Edges

  • Fabric-Profiles: PCG-Uplink-HostSwitch-Profile

  • Switching: Logical Switch ports

  • Switching: Logical Switches

  • Fabric-Transport Zones: Transport Zones

  • Switching: PublicCloud-Global-SpoofGuardProfile