Your Microsoft Azure subscription contains one or more VNets that you want to bring under NSX-T Data Center management.


If you already added an AWS account to CSM, update the MTU in NSX Manager > Fabric > Profiles > Uplink Profiles > PCG-Uplink-HostSwitch-Profile to 1500 before adding the Microsoft Azure account. This can also be done using the NSX Manager REST APIs.

For NSX Cloud to operate in your subscription, you need to create a new Service Principal to grant the required access to NSX-T Data Center. You also need to create MSI roles for CSM and PCG.

NSX Cloud provides a PowerShell script to generate the Service Principal.

This is a two-step process:

  1. Use the NSX Cloud PowerShell script:

    • Create a Service Principal account for NSX Cloud.

    • Create a role for CSM and attach it to the Service Principal.

    • Create a role for PCG and attach it to the Service Principal.

  2. Add the Microsoft Azure subscription in CSM.