This section describes how to configure NSX-T Data Center networking for OpenShift master and compute nodes.

Each node must be registered with the NSX Manager as OS type RHEL Container. The node's management interface can be used to join the OpenShift cluster, and can be on the NSX-T Data Center fabric or not. The other interfaces provide networking for the pods, and must be on the NSX-T Data Center fabric.

The corresponding transport node must have the following tags:

    {'ncp/node_name':  '<node_name>'}
    {'ncp/cluster': '<cluster_name>'}

You can identify the transport node for an OpenShift node by navigating to Fabric > Nodes from the NSX Manager GUI.

If the OpenShift node name changes, you must update the tag ncp/node_name and restart NCP. You can use the following command to get the node names:

    oc get nodes

If you add a node to a cluster while NCP is running, you must add the tags to the transport node before you run the oc cluster add command. Otherwise, the new node will not have network connectivity. If the tags are incorrect or missing, you can take the following steps to resolve the issue:

  • Apply the correct tags to the transport node.

  • Restart NCP.