If your Ubuntu host is unsupported, manually upgrade your Ubuntu host to the supported version.


Verify that the Ubuntu host is supported. See Supported Hypervisor Upgrade Path.


  1. (Optional) Show all Linux Standard Base and distribution-specific information.

    lsb_release -a

  2. Install packages using the apt tool.

    sudo apt update

  3. Fetch the latest packages.

    sudo apt-get upgrade

  4. Handle dependencies such as substituting obsolete packages with new packages.

    sudo apt dist-upgrade

    Ubuntu requires the following dependencies for the LCP package and host components to work properly.

    libunwind8, libgflags2v5, libgoogle-perftools4, traceroute, python-mako, python-simplejson, python-unittest2, python-yaml, python-netaddr, libprotobuf9v5, libboost-chrono1.58.0, libgoogle-glog0v5, dkms, libboost-date-time1.58.0, libleveldb1v5, libsnappy1v5, python-gevent, python-protobuf, ieee-data, libyaml-0-2, python-linecache2, python-traceback2, libtcmalloc-minimal4, python-greenlet, python-markupsafe, libboost-program-options1.58.0

  5. Upgrade to the Ubuntu 16.04 version.


  6. If you have an existing Ubuntu KVM host as a transport node, back up the /etc/network/interfaces file.