The upgrade coordinator must be upgraded before you start the upgrade process.



  1. From your browser, log in with admin privileges to an NSX Manager at https://nsx-manager-ip-address.
  2. Select System > Utilities > Upgrade from the navigation panel.

    The existing NSX-T Data Center release version and nodes are listed.

    1. Identify a component such as, Host or Edge.
    2. Click the number listed under the Count column.

      A list of all the configured hosts or NSX Edge nodes appear in the dialog box.

  3. Click Proceed to Upgrade.
  4. Navigate to the upgrade bundle .mub file.
    • Click Browse to navigate to the location you downloaded the upgrade bundle .mub file.

    • Paste the VMware download portal URL where the upgrade bundle .mub file is located.

  5. Click Upload to transfer the upgrade bundle into the NSX Manager.

    Upgrading the upgrade coordinator might take 25–30 minutes, depending on your network speed. If the network times out, reload the upgrade bundle.

    When the upload process finishes, the Begin Upgrade button becomes active.

  6. Click Begin Upgrade to upgrade the upgrade coordinator.

    Do not initiate multiple simultaneous upgrade processes for the upgrade coordinator.

  7. Accept the notification to upgrade the upgrade coordinator.

    The new upgrade coordinator version such as, Upgrade Coordinator version: appears.

  8. Identify and resolve any errors that appear in the upgrade coordinator.

    If you see a warning notification, click the notification to see the warning details. Resolve the warning notification before you proceed with the upgrade to avoid problems during the upgrade.

  9. (Optional) If a patch release becomes available after the upgrade coordinator is updated, you can upload or add the URL of the latest upgrade bundle and upgrade the upgrade coordinator.


The hosts are ready to be upgraded and the planned upgrade sequence appears. See Configure Hosts.