An event during the upgrade process fails and the message from the Upgrade Coordinator indicates a timeout error.


During the upgrade process, the following events might fail because they do not complete within a specific period of time. The Upgrade Coordinator reports a timeout error for the event and the upgrade fails.


Timeout Value

Putting a host into maintenance mode

4 hours

Waiting for a host to reboot

32 minutes

Waiting for the NSX service to be running on a host

13 minutes


  • For the maintenance mode issue, log in to vCenter Server and check the status of tasks related to the host. Take actions to resolve any issues.
  • For the host reboot issue, check the host to see why it failed to reboot.
  • For the NSX service issue, log in to the NSX Manager UI, go to the Fabric > Nodes page and see if the host has an installation error. If so, you can resolve it from the NSX Manager UI. If the error cannot be resolved, you can refer to the upgrade logs to determine the cause of the failure.