Check the status of the logical switch.


Make the following API call to get the state of the logical switch.
GET https://<nsx-mgr>/api/v1/logical-switches/<logical-switch-ID>/state

If the call returns the error partial_success, the reply will contain a list of transport nodes where the NSX Manager failed to push the logical switch configuration or did not get a reply. The troubleshooting steps are similar to those for the transport node. Check the following:

  • All required components are installed and running.

  • nsx-mpa is connected to the NSX Manager.

  • nsxa is connected to the switching vertical.

  • Grep the logical switch ID in nsxa.log and nsxaVim.log to see if the logical switch configuration was received by the transport node.

  • Check the nsxa and nsx-mpa uptime. Find out when nsxa was started and stopped by grepping nsxa log messages in the syslog file.

  • Find out nsxa's connection time to the switching vertical. If the logical switch configuration is sent to the host when nsxa is not connected to the switching vertical, the configuration might not be delivered to the host.

On KVM, no logical switch configuration is pushed to the host. Therefore, most of the logical switch issues are likely to be in the management plane.

On ESXi, an opaque network is mapped to the logical switch. To use the logical switch, users connect VMs to the opaque network using vCenter Server or vSphere API.