All interfaces are counted in an edge transport node status, and should be connected and Up.


An NSX Edge transport node has a status that is degraded, but the data plane is functioning normally. The Edge transport node degraded state also triggers the corresponding transport zone status to be degraded. The Edge transport node has one or more network interfaces in a Down state.


The NSX-T Data Center management plane declares an Edge transport node to be in a degraded state if any interface is down, regardless of whether that interface is used or configured. If the Edge is a virtual machine, the vNIC may be disconnected. If you have a bare metal Edge, the NIC port may not be connected, or may have a link state down.

If the interface that is Down is not used, then there is no functional impact to the Edge.


  1. To avoid a degraded state, ensure all Edge interfaces are connected and Up, regardless of whether they are in use or not.