NSX-T Data Center load balancer supports the following features.

  • Layer 4 - TCP and UDP
  • Layer 7 - HTTP and HTTPS with load balancer rules support
  • Server pools - static and dynamic with NSGroup
  • Persistence - Source-IP and Cookie persistence mode
  • Health check monitors - Active monitor which includes HTTP, HTPPS, TCP, UDP, and ICMP, and passive monitor
  • SNAT - Transparent, Automap, and IP List
  • HTTP upgrade - For applications using HTTP upgrade such as WebSocket, the client or server requests for HTTP Upgrade, which is supported. By default, NSX-T Data Center supports and accepts HTTPS upgrade client request using the HTTP application profile.

    To detect an inactive client or server communication, the load balancer uses the HTTP application profile response timeout feature set to 60 seconds. If the server does not send traffic during the 60 seconds interval, NSX-T Data Center ends the connection on the client and server side.

Note: SSL -Terminate-mode and proxy-mode is not supported in NSX-T Data Center limited export release.