Joining the NSX Manager to form a cluster using CLI ensures that all the NSX Manager nodes in cluster can communicate with each other.


The installation of NSX-T Data Center components must be complete.


  1. Open an SSH session to the first deployed NSX Manager node.
  2. Log in with the administrator credentials.
  3. On the NSX Manager node, run the get certificate api thumbprint command.
    The command output is a string of numbers that is unique to this NSX Manager.
  4. Run the get cluster config command to get the first deployed NSX Manager cluster ID.
  5. Add a NSX Manager node to the cluster.
    Note: You must run the join command on the newly deployed NSX Manager node.

    Provide the followingNSX Manager information:

    • Hostname or IP address node that you want to join
    • Cluster ID
    • User name
    • Password
    • Certificate thumbprint

    You can use the CLI command or API call.

    • CLI command
      host> join <NSX-Manager-IP> cluster-id <cluster-id> username<NSX-Manager-username> password<NSX-Manager-password> thumbprint <NSX-Manager1's-thumbprint>
    • API call POST https://<nsx-mgr>/api/v1/cluster?action=join_cluster
    The joining and cluster stabilizing process might 10-15 minutes.
  6. Add the third NSX Manager node to the cluster.
    Repeat step 5.
  7. Verify the cluster status by running the get cluster status command on your hosts.
  8. Select System > Appliances > Overview and verify the cluster connectivity.

What to do next

Create a transport zone. See Create a Standalone Host or Bare Metal Server Transport Node.