This workflow provides an overview of the steps required to get started with NSX Cloud for your public cloud.

Note: While planning your deployment, ensure that the on-prem NSX-T Data Center appliances have good connectivity with the PCG deployed in the public cloud. Also, Transit VPCs/VNets must be in the same region as the Compute VPCs/VNets.
Table 1. Day-0 Workflow for connecting NSX Cloud with your public cloud
Task Instructions
Install CSM and connect with NSX Manager. See Install CSM and Connect with NSX Manager.
Add one or more of your public cloud accounts in CSM. See Add your Public Cloud Account.
Deploy PCG in your Transit VPCs or VNets and link to your Compute VPCs or VNets. See Deploy or Link NSX Public Cloud Gateways.
Onboard workload VMs by tagging in your public cloud and installing the NSX Agent on them. Follow instructions at Onboard Workload VMs in the NSX-T Data Center Administration Guide.