Joining NSX Edges with the management plane ensures that the NSX Manager and NSX Edges can communicate with each other.


Verify that you have admin privileges to log in to the NSX Edges and NSX Manager appliance.


  1. Open an SSH session or console session to the NSX Manager appliance.
  2. Open an SSH session or console session to the NSX Edge node VM.
  3. On the NSX Manager appliance, run the get certificate api thumbprint command.
    The command output is a string of alphanumeric numbers that is unique to this NSX Manager.
    For example:
    NSX-Manager1> get certificate api thumbprint
  4. On the NSX Edge node VM, run the join management-plane command.
    Provide the following information:
    • Hostname or IP address of the NSX Manager with an optional port number
    • User name of the NSX Manager
    • Certificate thumbprint of the NSX Manager
    • Password of the NSX Manager
    NSX-Edge1> join management-plane <cluster-VIP-FQDN-or-IP> thumbprint <thumbprint> username admin

    Repeat this command on each NSX Edge node VM.

  5. Verify the result by running the get managers command on your NSX Edge node VMs.
    nsx-edge-1> get managers
    - Standby 
    - Standby 
    - Connected
  6. In the NSX Manager UI, navigate to System > Fabric > Nodes > Edge Transport Nodes.
    The page lists the NSX Edge Transport Node, and the Configuration State column for the node displays Configure NSX.

    If the NSX Version column does not display the version number installed on the node, try refreshing the browser window.

What to do next

When installing NSX Edge using NSX Manager see Create an NSX Edge Transport Node.

When installing NSX Edge manually, see Configure an NSX Edge as a Transport Node.