You must deploy sufficient NSX Edge node resources to replace the Edge Services Gateways in the NSX for vSphere environment.

Use the following guidelines to determine in advance the number and size of NSX Edge resources required for a successful migration.
Note: If your determination is incorrect, the migration will fail but the error message will detail the missing resources, enabling you to try again with the correct information. See Import the NSX Data Center for vSphere Configuration.

Number of Edge Nodes

If high availability is not configured, you need one NSX Edge node to replace each Edge Services Gateway with a northbound connection outside of the NSX for vSphere environment. If high availability is configured, you need two NSX Edge nodes.

You do not need to replace any Edge Services Gateways that are connected to a Distributed Logical Router to provide one-arm load balancer services, but are not providing routing services.

Size of Edge Nodes When Load Balancer Is Not Deployed

All NSX Edge nodes are added to the same NSX Edge cluster. All nodes in an NSX Edge cluster must be the same size.

If you do not have load balancers deployed, deploy NSX Edge nodes to provide sufficient capacity to replace the current Edge Services Gateway in NSX for vSphere.

If all NSX for vSphere in your environment are the same size, you can figure out the correct size of NSX Edge node using this table.

Table 1. Equivalent NSX Edge Sizes in NSX for vSphere and NSX-T
NSX for vSphere NSX-T
Compact and Large Small
Quad Large Medium
X-Large Large
All NSX Edge nodes must be of the same size so that they can be members of the same cluster. If there are different sizes of Edge Services Gateways in your environment, you must calculate the correct size to deploy. Calculate the total memory and vCPU resources required for all Edge Services Gateways in the environment, and then divide by the number of NSX Edge nodes required for migration. Compare the calculated requirements to the NSX Edge size requirements to choose the correct size.
Note: During the Resolve Configuration phase of the migration process, the Migrate page displays a message that indicates which NSX Edge node size is required for migration. Confirm that the installed NSX Edge are sized accordingly.
Table 2. NSX for vSphere Edge Size Requirements
Edge Services Gateway Size Memory vCPU
Compact 512 MB 1
Large 1 GB 2
Quad Large 2 GB 4
X-Large 8 GB 6
Table 3. NSX Edge Size Requirements
NSX Edge Node Size Memory vCPU
Small 4 GB 2
Medium 8 GB 4
Large 32 GB 8

Size of NSX Edge Nodes When Load Balancer Is Deployed

If you have a load balancer deployed, you must deploy NSX Edge nodes that have the sufficient resources for your configuration.

See "Scaling Load Balancer Resources" in the NSX-T Data Center Administration Guide.

All NSX Edge nodes must be of the same size so that they can be members of the same cluster.