This section describes how to upgrade NCP from 2.4.* to 2.5 in a bare metal container (BMC) environment.

  1. Download the installation files.
  2. Run the following commands to comment out the nsx-kube-proxy DaemonSet part from the NCP YAML file ncp-openshift-bm.yaml:
    head -n 1155 ncp-openshift-bm.yaml > ncp-openshift-bm-upgrade.yaml
    sed -n 1155,1297p ncp-openshift-bm.yaml > nsx-kube-proxy-bm-upgrade.yaml
  3. Delete the old NCP deployment and apply ncp-openshift-bm.yaml with the new nsx-ncp image.
    kubectl delete -f <old-ncp.yaml> -n nsx-system
    kubectl create -f ncp-openshift-bm-upgrade.yaml
  4. Perform a rolling update of the nsx-node-agent DaemonSet.
    kubectl set image ds nsx-node-agent -n nsx-system nsx-node-agent=<image>
    kubectl set image ds nsx-node-agent -n nsx-system nsx-kube-proxy=<images>
    kubectl rollout status ds/nsx-node-agent -n nsx-system
  5. Upgrade NSX-T.

    After NSX-T is upgraded, the nsx-node-agent pod will crash. This can be ignored because the nsx-node-agent pod will be removed in the next step.

  6. Delete the nsx-node-agent DaemonSet from the environment, create a new nsx-kube-proxy DaemonSet with the yaml file that was created in step 2.
    kubectl delete ds nsx-node-agent -n nsx-system
    kubectl create -f nsx-kube-proxy-bm-upgrade.yaml -n nsx-system