These instructions are for configuring OpenStack consumption of NSX-T Data Center Load Balancer with LBaaSv2. The same instructions apply both to the NSX-T Policy and NSX-T Manager plugin.


  1. Edit /etc/neutron/neutron.conf to add the load balancing service plugin for NSX-T Data Center, in the default configuration section: service_plugins = vmware_nsx_lbaasv2,[…]
    Note that service_plugins is a list option. It is possible to specify multiple service plugins by separating their full class names, or shortcuts, with a comma.
  2. Edit the /etc/neutron/neutron-lbaas.conf file with the following:
    1. Set the load balancer service driver for NSX-T Data Center, by setting the service_provider option in the service_providers configuration section: service_plugins = LOADBALANCERV2:VMWareEdge:neutron_lbaas.drivers.vmware.edge_driver_v2.EdgeLoadBalancerDriverV2:default
    2. Configure Keystone authentication parameters, if not already configured. These are used by the neutron-lbaas service and are not related to NSX-T Data Center integration. Note that the location of the Keystone endpoint should be provided.
    auth_version = 3  
    admin_password = password  
    admin_user = admin  
    admin_tenant_name = admin  
    auth_url = http://<keystone_endpoint>/identity/v3 
  3. Ensure the file /etc/neutron/neutron-lbaas.conf is added to the neutron server command line. This could be verified by running the command ps -aux | grep neutron, and verifying that /etc/neutron/neutron-lbaas.conf is present in the output.
    If the file is not included, the neutron service launcher should be edited. Location and structure of service launchers depend on the particular OpenStack distribution used.
  4. Restart the neutron service. The exact service name depends on the OpenStack distribution used.