The Install NSX-T Data Center Plug-Ins for OpenStack are packaged as .rpm files for Red Hat based Linux distributions.

The .rpm packages can be found on the NSX-T Data Center download page under Drivers and Tools. These instructions are for installations that do not leverage TripleO, otherwise refer to the dedicated guide for Red Hat OpenStack.


  1. Download the .rpm files: the NSX Neutron plugins and the NSX Neutron common library.
  2. Copy it to the Neutron network node you on which you wish to install the plugin.
  3. Install the package using the rpm command in the same directory as the .rpm file.
    Version numbers in the following example may differ depending on the release that is selected upon download:
    • sudo rpm –i python-vmware-nsxlib_12.0.0.9797177-1_all.rpm
    • sudo rpm -i vmware-nsx-
  4. Install the Firewall as a Service (FWaaS) package. This does not need to be enabled after installation.
    • sudo yum install python-neutron-fwaas