These instructions are for configuring OpenStack consumption of NSX-T Data Center Load Balancer with Octavia.

The same instructions apply both to the NSX-T Policy and NSX-T Manager plugin.

For general information about the Octavia load balancer service please refer to the official documentation.


  1. In /etc/neutron/neutron.conf, ensure the load balancing service plugin for NSX-T Data Center is not configured, ie: vmware_nsx_lbaasv2 should not be present in the service_plugins list. If any cahnges are done to the neutron.conf file, restart the neutron service
  2. In the /etc/octavia/octavia.conf specify the following:
    1. In the [api_settings] configuration setting, specify the NSX-T provider: default_provider_driver = vmwareedge enabled_provider_drivers = vmwareedge:NSX
    2. In the [oslo_messaging] section, specify a topic for communication between Octavia and the NSX-T driver, which runs in the neutron process space.
  3. Restart the Octavia API service.