A DHCP server profile specifies an NSX Edge cluster or members of an NSX Edge cluster. A DHCP server with this profile services DHCP requests from VMs on logical switches that are connected to the NSX Edge nodes that are specified in the profile.


To enable NSX-T Data Center's native DHCP Server, a DHCP profile must be created in NSX-T Data Center and passed to the Neutron plugin configuration in nsx.ini. Ensure the neutron dhcp service (q-dhcp in devstack), and the metadata agent (q-meta in devstack) are not running. In the neutron.conf file, set to False.


  1. From your browser, log in with admin privileges to an NSX Manager at https://nsx-manager-ip-address.
  2. Select Advanced Networking & Security > DHCP from the navigation panel.
  3. Select Server Profiles and click Add.
  4. Enter a name and optional description.
  5. Select an Edge Cluster from the drop-down menu.
  6. Click Add.