Table 1. Configuration Properties
Section Variable Description
nsx_p nsx_api_managers The IP address of one or more NSX Managers separated by commas. The IP address should be in the following form: [<scheme>://]<ip_adress>[:<port>]. If scheme is not provided https is used. If a port is not provided, port 80 is used for http and port 443 for https.
nsx_use_client_auth Boolean. Set to True to enable client certificate authentication
nsx_client_cert_file Path to a file containing client certificate and private key, in PEM format.
nsx_client_cert_pk_password (Optional) Password for decrypting the private key.
nsx_api_user The username used to access the for NSX Manager API.
nsx_api_password The password used to access the NSX Manager API.
dns_domain Domain to use for building the hostnames.
default_overlay_tz default_edge_cluster
default_vlan_tz (Optional) Only required when creating VLAN or flat provider networks. The UUID or name of the default NSX VLAN transport zone that is used for bridging between Neutron networks if no physical network has been specified.
edge_cluster (Optional) Specifying an edge cluster for Tier1 routers to which to connect, other that the edge cluster it is connected to.
retries (Optional) The maximum number of times to retry API requests upon stale revision errors.
ca_file (Optional) Specify a CA bundle file to use in verifying the NSX Manager server certificate. This option is ignored if "insecure" is set to True. If "insecure" is set to False and ca_file is unset, the system root CAs will be used to verify the server certificate.
insecure Optional) If true, the NSX Manager server certificate is not verified. If false the CA bundle specified via "ca_file" will be used or if unset the default system root CAs will be used.
http_timeout (Optional) The time in seconds before aborting a HTTP connection to a NSX Manager.
http_read_timeout (Optional) The time in seconds before aborting a HTTP read response from a NSX Manager.
http_retries (Optional) Maximum number of times to retry a HTTP connection.
concurrent_connections (Optional) Maximum number of connection connections to each NSX Manager.
conn_idle_timeout (Optional) The amount of time in seconds to wait before ensuring connectivity to the NSX manager if no Manager connection has been used.
default_tier0_router (Optional) The UUID or name of the default Tier 0 router that is used for connecting to Tier 1 logical routers and configuring external networks.
metadata_on_demand (Optional) If True, an internal metadata network is created for a router only when the router is attached to a DHCP-disabled subnet.
dhcp_profile (Optional) The UUID of the NSX DHCP Profile that is used to enable native DHCP service. It needs to be created in NSX before starting Neutron with the NSX plugin.
locking_coordinator_url (Optional) URL for distributed locking coordination resource for lock manager This value is passed as a parameter to tooz coordinator. By default, the value is None and oslo_concurrency is used for single-node lock management.
realization_max_attempts (Optional) Maximum number retry attempts allowed while waiting for a resource to be realized. Default: 50
realization_wait_sec (Optional) Number of seconds between attempts for a resource to be realized. Default: 1 second