When you create an object from Global Manager, the same configuration is propagated to all relevant locations. Starting in NSX-T Data Center 3.0.1 you can override some Global Manager configurations on a Local Manager.

To override a configuration, click the three dots menu () next to the configuration, and click Edit. If the Edit menu item is dimmed, you cannot override this configuration.

If a configuration is overridden, you see this icon in the status column on both Global Manager and Local Manager: .

To remove an override, click the three dots menu () next to the configuration, and click Revert. The configuration from Global Manager is restored.

If you override a configuration from Global Manager on a Local Manager, and then you delete the configuration from the Global Manager, the configuration persists on the Local Manager. When you revert the configuration, the configuration is deleted from Local Manager.

You can get a list of all configurations that have been overridden. Make this API request to the Global Manager: GET https://<global-mgr>/global-manager/api/v1/global-infra/overridden-resources.

Gateway Configurations

Gateway configurations are found in Networking > Tier-0 Gateways and Networking > Tier-1 Gateways.

You can modify the following gateway configurations:
  • Tier-0 Gateway BGP Configuration
  • Tier-0 Gateway Interfaces

Profile Configurations

Profile configurations on Global Manager are used in all Local Managers. There is no span setting for a profile configuration.

You can override the following global profile configurations from Local Manager:
  • Segment Profiles: Networking > Segments > Segment Profiles
    • IP Discovery Profiles
    • MAC Discovery Profiles
    • Segment Security Profiles
    • SpoofGuard Profiles
  • Networking Profiles: Networking > Networking Settings
    • IPv6 DAD Profiles
    • IPv6 ND Profiles
    • Gateway QoS Profiles
    • BFD Profiles
  • Context Profiles: Inventory > Context Profiles
  • Security Profiles: Security > Security Profiles
    • Firewall Session Timer Profile
    • Edge Gateway Flood Protection Profiles
    • Firewall Flood Protection Profiles
    • DNS Security Profiles
    • CPU and Memory Threshold Profiles are API only:
      • Override with PUT/PATCH https://<local-manager>/policy/api/v1/global-infra/settings/firewall/cpu-mem-thresholds-profiles/<id>?action=override.
      • Revert with DELETE https://<local-manager>/policy/api/v1/global-infra/settings/firewall/cpu-mem-thresholds-profiles/<id>.
  • Troubleshooting Profiles: Plan & Troubleshoot
    • Firewall IPFIX Profiles
    • Switch IPFIX Profiles
    • IPFIX Firewall Collector
    • IPFIX Switch Collector
    • Remote L3 Span Port Mirroring Profile
    • Logical Span Port Mirroring Profile
    • QoS Profile