The security overview dashboard has three tabs: Insights, Configuration, and Capacity.

The Insights tab shows details for:
  • URL Analysis:
    • The number of gateways with URL Filtering Enabled.
    • The number of gateways connected to the cloud service, and if connectivity to the cloud service is up.
    • The latest signature pack available on the cloud service, and what gateways are up to date.
    • Information for the top five URL categories, and the URLs accessed in each category.
  • Intrusion Detection Summary:
    Entry Description
    Total Intrusion Events Displays the total number of intrusion events as a clickable link, and number in each severity category. For more information, see Distributed IDS Events.
    Trending by Severity Displays a graph with the number of intrusion events by time.
    Top VMs by Intrusion Events or by Vulnerability Severity Click the arrow to select the shown data.
  • Distributed Firewall Rule Utilization:
    • Number of identity firewall rules.
    • Number of Layer 7 rules.
    • Number of compute rules.
    • Number of rules with a combination of Layer 7 and IDFW.
  • A summary of the configuration of endpoint protection for virtual machines. You can view components having issues, and virtual machine distribution by service profile.
The Configuration tab has clickable links with the number of:
  • Distributed FW Policies
  • Gateway Policies
  • Endpoint Policies
  • Network Introspection EW Policies
  • Network Introspection NS Policies
  • Distributed IDS Policies

You can also view details of your distributed firewall policies, along with the count per category.

The Capacity tab in not available in Policy view.