You can monitor an NSX Edge node's usage of resources such as CPU, memory, and storage.

Starting with NSX-T Data Center 3.0.1, the following additional information is displayed:
  • Alarms
    • Edge node - Overall alarm count
    • CPU - Alarms for Datapath CPU and Service CPUs
    • Disk - Overall disk alarms and alarms for each partition
    • Memory - Overall memory alarms and alarms for each memory pool
  • CPU
    • Datapath CPU - Number of datapath CPU cores and their usage details, which include the average usage of all cores and the highest usage among cores.
    • Service CPU - Number of service CPU cores and their usage details, which include the average usage of all cores and highest usage among cores.
  • Disk
    • Total disk usage for all ext4 disk partitions and the list of RAM disk and disk partitions. Also the available free space of each partition.
  • Memory
    • Datapath Memory - Includes heap memory, memory pool, and resident memory.
    • Memory Pools - List of all memory pools along with their description and usage values except for QAT memory pool (of Bare Metal Edge) whose usage is always around 100%. The memory pools are:
      Name Description
      jumbo_mbuf_pool Packet Pool for Jumbo Frame Used by Ipsec Crypto Device
      common_mbuf_pool Datapath Common Packet Pool
      sp_pktmbuf_pool Datapath Slowpath Packet Pool
      fw_mon_msg Stateful Service Sync Message Pool
      vxstt4_frag_q Vxstt Fragment Pool for Reassembly
      pfstatepl3 Stateful Service State Pool
      pffqdnippl Stateful Service FQDN to IP Map Pool
      pffqdnsyncpl Stateful Service FQDN SYNC Pool
      pffqdndnpl Stateful Service FQDN Internal Pool
      pfdnsdnpl Stateful Service FQDN Internal Pool
      pfpktpl3 Stateful Service Fragmented Packet Pool
      pfsyncmbufpl3 Stateful Service SYNC Pool
      pf_fp_rule_node Stateful Service Rule Node Pool
      pf_fp_root_rule_node Stateful Service Root Rule Node Pool
      pf_tb_root_rule_node Stateful Service Fastpath Root Table Node Pool
      pfa_intattr_pl3 Stateful Service Integer Attribute Pool
      pfa_attrconn_pl3 Stateful Service Attribute Connection Pool
      pfa_ctx_pl3 Stateful Service Context Pool
      pfa_key_ace_pl3 Stateful Service Integer Attribute Key Pool
      pfa_value_ace_pl3 Stateful Service Integer Attribute Value Pool
      lb_pkt_pl3 Load Balancer Temp Packet Cache Pool


  1. From your browser, log in with admin privileges to an NSX Manager at https://<nsx-manager-ip-address>.
  2. Select System > Fabric > Nodes.
  3. Click the Edge Transport Nodes tab.
  4. Click the name of an Edge node.
  5. Click the Monitor tab.
    Usage information for CPU, memory, and disk is displayed, as well as the node status, network interfaces, and NAT rule statistics.