Use PXE server to automate installation of NSX Edge on a bare metal server or use ISO file to install NSX Edge on a bare metal server.

PXE boot installation is not supported for NSX Manager connection settings. You also cannot configure networking settings, such as the IP address, gateway, network mask, NTP, and DNS.


  • By default, NSX Edge Bare Metal bond devices aggregating Ethernet devices to form a LAG are optimized for load balancing. So, a bond device only uses network devices that are on a local NUMA node whose CPU transmits packets. If the devices forming the bond span multiple NUMA nodes but the CPUs allocated to packet processing belong to a subset of the NUMA nodes, then only some of the devices send out traffic. In short, not all devices are used for balancing traffic that is sent out of the bond device.You cannot disable the default optimization.

    However, if you want to use all Ethernet devices of the bond to load balance traffic, you must move all Ethernet devices to the NUMA nodes where the packet processing CPUs are attached.

    Note: Failover is exclusive of load balancing. If the Ethernet device attached to the local NUMA node is down, then the bond sends traffic to the other device even though it is not NUMA local. The load-balancing optimization does not impact failover functionality.
  • Disable sub-NUMA clustering by editing the BIOS settings. NSX-T Data Center does not support sub-NUMA clustering.