The NSX Edge bridge profile defines the policies for the ESXi bridge cluster.

A bridge cluster is a collection of ESXi host transport nodes.


  • Verify that the NSX Edge cluster is available.
  • Verify that the ESXi bridge cluster is available.


  1. From a browser, log in with admin privileges to an NSX Manager at https://<nsx-manager-ip-address>.
  2. Select Networking → Segments → Edge Bridge Profiles → Add Edge Bridge Profile.
  3. Enter the NSX Edge cluster profile details.
    Option Description
    Name and Description Enter a NSX Edge bridge cluster profile name.

    You can optionally enter the profile details such as, the primary and backup node details.

    Edge Cluster Select the NSX Edge cluster that you can to use.
    Primary Node Designate the preferred NSX Edge node from the cluster.
    Backup Node Designate the back up NSX Edge node if the primary node fails.
    Failover Mode

    Select either Preemptive or Non-Preemptive mode.

    The default HA mode is preemptive, which can slowdown traffic when the preferred NSX Edge node goes back online. The non-preemptive mode does not cause any traffic slowdown.