This section covers advanced migration modes that you can use to migrate specific parts of your NSX Data Center for vSphere environment without the need to deploy an extra hardware, such as separate compute clusters, in your destination NSX-T Data Center environment.

For example: Your organization might prefer to create a new NSX-T Data Center topology and configure the NSX-T Edges and other networking services manually without using the migration coordinator. For instance, you can deploy NSX-T Edge nodes on existing NSX-v hosts.

Your objective is to use the migration coordinator to migrate only the existing Distributed Firewall (DFW) configuration and NSX-v compute hosts to NSX-T. You want the workload VMs to continue running on the existing compute hardware with a minimal disruption to the east-west traffic security protection when migrating to the new NSX-T environment.

As you are doing an in-place migration of only the DFW configuration and compute hosts, the migration coordinator does not define the NSX-T topology. You have the flexibility to define your own NSX-T topology. In other words, the supported migration topologies that are explained in the End-to-End Migration of NSX Data Center for vSphere section of this Guide are not relevant for this in-place migration.