Your organization uses NSX Data Center for vSphere in its network environment. To meet the on-demand business needs of your organization, you have integrated and used vRealize Automation with your existing NSX for vSphere environment.

vRealize Automation runs as the cloud management platform on top of your existing vCenter Server and NSX for vSphere environment. Over multiple day two networking operations, you have created several deployments in vRealize Automation to deploy resources, such as networks, VMs, security groups, DHCP servers, and so on. The on-demand resources deployed through vRealize Automation also consume existing objects in your NSX for vSphere environment.

Your organization has now decided to migrate to the modern NSX-T Data Center platform.

You have the following goals:
  • Migrate the existing NSX for vSphere environment to a new NSX-T Data Center environment.
  • Migrate the vRealize Automation created resources that are integrated with your NSX for vSphere topology to the new NSX-T Data Center.
  • Maintain the integration with vRealize Automation after the migration to NSX-T Data Center.

To summarize, you want to migrate NSX for vSphere to a new NSX-T Data Center when NSX for vSphere is integrated and used with vRealize Automation.

The migration coordinator can help you meet these goals.