To migrate vSphere hosts and networking to NSX-T Data Center, you must provide details about your vSphere environment.

The migration coordinator service runs on one NSX Manager node. Perform all migration operations from the node that is running the migration coordinator service.


  • Verify that the vCenter Server system associated with the vSphere Distributed Switch you want to migrate is registered as a compute manager. See Add a Compute Manager.


  1. Log in to an NSX Manager CLI as admin and start the migration coordinator service.
    nsx-manager> start service migration-coordinator
  2. From a browser, log in to the NSX Manager node which is running the migration coordinator service. Log in using an account with admin privileges.
  3. Navigate to System > Migrate.
  4. On the Migrate vSphere Networking pane, click Get Started.
  5. From the Import Configuration page, click Select vSphere and provide the requested information about your vSphere environment.
    Note: The drop-down menu for vCenter displays all vCenter Server systems that are registered as compute managers. Click Add New if you need to add a compute manager.
  6. Click Start to import the configuration.
  7. When the import has finished, click Continue to proceed to the Resolve Issues page.