After you have imported the networking configuration from your vSphere environment, you must review and resolve the reported configuration issues before you can continue with the migration.

You must provide feedback for all configuration issues that must be resolved before the migration can continue. Multiple people can provide the feedback over multiple sessions. After you provide feedback for a given issue, you can click Submit to save it. You can return to a submitted input and modify it.

After you have submitted feedback for all issues, the feedback is validated. The validation might result in additional requests for feedback before the migration can proceed.


  1. From the Resolve Configuration page, click Select Switch to select which vSphere Distributed Switch to migrate.
    Once a distributed switch is selected, the configuration issues are displayed.
  2. Review the reported issues.
    Issues are organized into groups. Each issue can cover multiple configuration items. For each item there might be one or more possibly resolutions to the issue, for example, skip, configure, or select a specific value.
  3. Click each issue and provide feedback.
    For issues that apply to multiple configuration items, you can provide feedback for each individually, or select all and provide one answer for all items.

    Multiple people can provide the input over multiple sessions. You can return to a submitted input and modify it.

  4. After some feedback has been provided, a Submit button appears on the Resolve Issues page. Click Submit to save your progress.
  5. When you have provided feedback for all configuration issues, click Submit.
    The input is validated. You are prompted to update any invalid input. Additional input might be required for some configuration items.
  6. After you have submitted all requested feedback, click Continue to proceed to the Migrate Configuration step.