Migration coordinator supports migrating NSX Data Center for vSphere environments that fall within these limits.

Table 1. Limits for Migration
Feature Limit
Hosts per NSX Manager (Single vCenter - Transport Zone) 256
vCenter Clusters 32
Distributed Logical Router interfaces per Distributed Logical Router 999
Logical Switches 5000
ECMP paths 8
Static routes per Edge Services Gateway 5120
Virtual interfaces per hypervisor host 150
NAT rules per Edge Services Gateway 2048
Edge firewall rules per Edge Services Gateway 2000
Security Groups per NSX Manager 5000
Distributed Firewall rules per host 5000
Distributed Firewall sections 5000
Distributed Firewall rules per NSX Manager 50000
Networks per L2VPN client-server pair 100
L2VPN clients (spoke) handled by a single L2VPN server (hub) 2
IPSec tunnels per Edge Services Gateway 3000
DHCP leases per Edge Services Gateway 2048
IP Sets 5000
Security Tags 4500
Security Tags per virtual machine 30 (because NSX-T Data Center supports 30)

Grouping Objects

Security Groups to which a virtual machine can be a member

Grouping Objects per NSX Manager 6500

Grouping Objects include Security Groups, IP Sets, and Security Tags. The sum of all their values in your NSX for vSphere environment must not exceed 6500.

Virtual servers per load balancer 512
Pools per load balancer 512