When NSX-v Edge Services Gateways are migrated to NSX-T, a default configuration is used for interface MTU settings. If you want to change this default, you can do this before you start the Migrate Edges step.

Customized MTU settings in the Edge Services Gateways routing interfaces are not migrated to NSX-T. Any logical router interfaces created in NSX-T use the global default MTU setting, which is 1500. If you want to ensure that all logical router interfaces have a larger MTU, you can change the global default MTU setting. You can also modify interface MTUs on a case-by-case basis.


  1. Use GET /api/v1/global-configs/RoutingGlobalConfig to retrieve the current configuration.
  2. Modify the value of the global default MTU: logical_uplink_mtu
  3. Use PUT /api/v1/global-configs/RoutingGlobalConfig to make the configuration change.