You can skip upgrading NSX Tools for reasons listed here.

Except under the following scenarios, do not skip the upgrade of NSX Tools because VMs with NSX Tools in a different version compared to PCG will lose connectivity with the PCG.

Scenarios for skipping NSX Tools upgrade:

  • You are upgrading to 3.0.x or 3.1.x from an earlier version. In this case skip upgrading NSX Tools, upgrade PCG, and return to upgrading NSX Tools.

    You are able to upgrade NSX Tools after the upgrade of PCG in this case because the system maintains connectivity for the duration of this upgrade.

  • You want to upgrade only selected private clouds within your public cloud.
  • You do not want any downtime on certain critical managed workload VMs.
  • You do not want powered off VMs to block the upgrade process.
  • You might want to apply a bug-fix patch only to the PCG without affecting NSX Tools.