A service profile is an instance of a partner vendor template. Administrators can customize attributes of a vendor template to create an instance of the template.

Note: You can create multiple service profile for a single vendor. For example, the service profile set for the forward path provides IDS protection, whereas the service profile set for the reverse path supports IPS protection. However, a single service profile can be set for both forward and reverse path.


  1. With admin privileges, log in to NSX Manager.
  2. Navigate to Security > Network Introspection > Service Profiles > Add Service Profile.
  3. From the Partner Service drop-down field, select a service. You can create a service profile for the selected service.
  4. Enter the service profile name and select the vendor template.
  5. The Redirection Action field inherits functionality from the vendor template. For example, if COPY is the functionality provided by the vendor template, then by default the redirection action when you create a service profile is COPY.
  6. (Optional) Define any tags to filter out and manage service profiles.
  7. Click Save.


A new service profile is created for the partner service.

What to do next

Add a service chain. See Add a Service Chain.