A KVM host transport node supports 88 IPFIX flow templates and one options template.

The following table lists VMware-specific elements in the KVM IPFIX packets.

Element ID Parameter Name Data Type Unit
891 tunnelType unsigned8 1 byte
892 tunnelKey bytes variable length
893 tunnelSourceIPv4Address unsigned32 4 bytes
894 tunnelDestinationIPv4Address unsigned32 4 bytes
895 tunnelProtocolIdentifier unsigned8 1 byte
896 tunnelSourceTransportPort unsigned16 2 bytes
897 tunnelDestinationTransportPort unsigned16 2 bytes
898 virtualObsID string variable length

The following diagram shows the flow of traffic between VMs attached to KVM hosts monitored by the IPFIX feature:

Diagram showing traffic flow between VMs on KVM hosts
The KVM IPv4 IPFIX ingress template will have the following elements:
  • standard elements
  • virtualObsID: 6d876a1c-e0ac-4bcf-85ee-bdd42fa7ba34 (logical port ID)